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Social media has become a vital part of advertising nowadays. To get your brand the visibility it deserves you need a well-rounded, intelligent online marketing strategy, and Facebook is a tested and trusted platform for this purposes. At B. Austin Jones and Associates, I help you to market your product or services on Facebook and get the word to the right audience, increasing brand visibility and taking your company to the next level. You can get in touch today via the form below.

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For effective delivery of services, I have developed a seamless work-flow from the strategy phase to implementation. I begin by understanding the goals you have for your business page. This information will give me the direction of the most effective strategy to implement. Depending on the business need, the strategy might evolve using a still image or explainer video to run effective and targeted ads. I will take you through the process of lead generation, using Instagram to engage your followers with powerful content effectively.


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I find Bryan to be one in a million! Delivers what he promises with pure expertise and precision, and always on hand to help. Well recommend his services.
Darren Fox-Hall
Bryan is very thoughtful in his delivery and operates with the highest level of integrity. He has accomplished a tremendous number of things in both his professional and personal life over the past …
Brent Boyd


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All services
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